LP mining MIS
MIS Mining through supplying to LP. 2 pools (MIC-USDT and MIS-USDT)
Launch: Starting Dec 30 UTC 02:00
Supply liquidity to Sushiswap pools MIC-USDT and MIS-USDT, mine MIS
The pace of mining through MIC-USDT and MIS-USDT is as such:
Mine MIS, Method 1: 750,000 MIS distributed to MIC-USDT LP providers, starting with 6250 MIS a day, and decreases 25% after every 30 days.
Mine MIS, Method 2: MIS distributed to MIS-USDT LP providers, distributing a total of 250,000 MIS for 365 days, with an equal amount of tokens distributed per day
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