Genesis - Launch Strategy
Genesis Tokens Distribution ONLY Through Deposits
In celebration of the Mithril community, MITH is included as a key community coin alongside many DeFi blue chips. The genesis distribution of MIC will be available to users who deposit any of the below tokens. This project will launch on December 30, 0200 UTC.
Stablecoins: DAI, USDT, USDC, BUSD, sUSD, ESD, BAC, FRAX Communities: MITH, YFI, SUSHI, CREAM, COMP, AAVE, CRV, LINK 160,000 MIC tokens will be distributed evenly across all 16 tokens listed above in the genesis distribution at the rate of 10,000 MIC tokens per day over 5 days. MIS token distribution will begin shortly after the initial MICs are distributed, to users that provide liquidity to the MIC-USDT Sushiswap pair. This pool 1 will distribute 750,000 MIS tokens, starting with 6250 MIS and decreases 25% after every 30 days.
MIS tokens are also distributed to liquidity providers of the MIS-USDT Sushiswap pair, distributing a total of 250,000 MIS for 365 days, with an equal amount of tokens distributed per day.
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